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Are Fixed Time Trading Profits Taxable?

Are Fixed Time Trading Profits Taxable?

When using a financial instrument such as fixed time trading, there will of course be the potential of earning a significant amount of money. Questions about the taxing of these earnings are not simple to answer, as each individual situation will vary.

What will also vary are the tax laws of each country. Simply put, there is no way to answer this question with a yes or no answer.  Instead, each trader will need to determine what the tax laws are in their home country or locality in order to determine if their fixed time trade earnings are taxable.

Complications can arise when the options broker does not send earnings statements to investors. In most cases they are not required to do so. This would leave it up to the trader to determine how much money was actually earned over the course of the year. Profit and loss tracking, which is recommended regardless of tax laws, can be used to determine the net amount that is earned each year.  Any fees, such as withdrawal fees, should be factored in and subtracted from the totals.

The tax laws of the location of the options broker do not need to be factored in unless the trader lives in the same location. For example, Cyprus, which is home to several major brokers, will have its own tax laws that brokers will abide by. Any trader that does not live in Cyprus will need to seek their own tax advice in their home country.

In the United States, taxation occurs on both a state and federal level, making it necessary to know the rules of each.  In the United Kingdom fixed time trade profits can be classified are more than one different form of income.

Should a taxable amount have been earned, a tax adviser will be able to tell the trader how to report the earnings while paying the lowest tax rates. Note that regardless of where the trader lives, it is always best to ask questions instead of making assumptions. Some tax advisers may be willing to answer these questions free of charge. Additionally, the government taxation website may address such questions.

Options trading earnings may be taxable once they reach a certain level. Should this be the case in your home country, find out what this level is and what percentage is actually taxable. In many areas, taxes are just a part of life. Though they may not be pleasant, the need to pay taxes on fixed time trade income can be considered a sign that the trader is experiencing trading success and earning a nice sum from trading.

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