Forex Market

Forex Market

The forex market is now more of a hub for the government central, commercial and investment banks. Moreover, it is also a place for the hedge funds and massive international corporations to function.

Now for an individual investor, this market seems to hold a number of major entities but a deeper look communicates benefits for him as well.

The forex is thus one of the largest markets in the world and operates 24-hours a day, five days a week labeled as the most liquid market in the world.

Forex Market – Rise And Fall In Trade:

Like the rest of the markets, the forex is also a place where volatility exists to the extreme. Thus, profits and loses lie at every corner of this arena.

However, the market can be handled well enough with help of various risk measuring tools and by observing the rise and fall of the markets.

As compared to the equity markets, the forex contains high leveraged trading and has a zero dealing commission.

As far as the tools are concerned, both markets follow the same list which includes the likes of forwards and futures, options, spread betting, contracts for a difference and the spot market.

Currency Trade:

While buying and selling in the forex, paired currencies are usually traded. Where one currency is purchased, the other is sold.

In order to lock the profit, the trader expects the bought currency to increase in value as compared to the one he sold in the market. Most regard this as a fresh view to the trading as this is a completely separate way of thinking.

Thus, when buying one currency that increases in value, the other currency must be sold back so that the profit could be locked.

As for the open position, the trade usually buys or sells a pair that hasn’t been sold or bought as of yet, back the equivalent amount to close the position.
Primary And Secondary Currencies:

In the pair, the base currency is the one which is the primary or the first currency. Whereas the counter or the quote’s currency occurs after the primary currency, mentioned second.

Exceptions in such definitions occur in euro, the pound sterling and the Australian dollar as these are usually quoted as dollars per foreign currency.

Gain Fluctuations:

In the spot rollover transactions, the interest rates and the base and counter currencies are the major players. These players are basically seen as an overnight loan. Therefore, an investor would gain a spot rollover once he or she holds on to a currency with the higher interest rate.

However, the amount of the gain would vary. According to the financial gurus, the gain fluctuates and is different the next day related to the interest-rate differential.

The differential usually occurs between the base and the counter currency. The rates of the rollover are then mentioned in dollars at the interest rate column.

One important thing to remember here is that the rollovers do not hold an overnight position as it is a day-to-day phenomenon.

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