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The No-Cost Method Of Paper Trading

The No-Cost Method Of Paper Trading

Formulating your fixed time trade strategy doesn’t necessarily have to include the risk of losing actual funds. To see your strategies put to use in live trading is exhilarating, but doing it before proper testing is usually an utter waste of resources. You can minimize risks to your funds by using fictional trading to test your strategies before implementing them in the live market. Also known as “Paper Trading”, this method is used by smart traders to predict the outcomes of live trading without bearing its inherent risks.

Even trading novices are quick to realize the importance of having a strategy while trading fixed time. There exists a myriad of strategies, each working the best for a different set of assets, trade types, asset classes and expiry time periods. Even though you don’t need a huge collection of strategies, you must work to build a small group of tested and tried strategies that you can comfortably fall back on. Fictional trading and the consequent outcome tracking helps you in zeroing in upon the strategies that work the best for your type of trading.

When you complete fictional or simulated trades, you have to select the expiry time, investment amount, trade type, and the underlying asset. In simple terms, all the decisions that you are forced to make during any live trading session will also have to be made during fictional trading. The parameters that you control must correspond to the strategy that you are wishing to test. After selecting your parameters, make your trade go “live”, wait for the simulated trading situation to complete and then take note of the outcome.

Fictional trading has its own challenges. However, overcoming these challenges can be worth your time and money. You can discard the strategies that did not do well in the test runs and work the powerful ones into your daily trading. Feel free to use a method that you like the best when recording the outcomes of each simulated run. Remember, your aim is to test your trading strategies, discarding the worthless ones and adding the best ones to your roster of tested and approved fixed time trade strategies.

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