The Currency Market

The Currency Market

There has always been a fluid movement of products and services since the world war second. After its inception in 1994, the architects of this system didn’t really think it would become this huge when they met in New Hampshire.

The name Bretton Woods is the symbolization of the экономической relationship between the U.S., China and other developing economies.

Бреттон-Вудская конференция

When 45 delegates from various parts of the world met at the Bretton Woods conference in 1944, the allied powers made a pact that the later half of the century would be entirely different from what it was in the beginning. The reason being, the first half of the century was a collection of wars and a worldwide economic depression.

Бреттон-Вудская конференция

Бреттон-Вудская конференция

For this reason, the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund was made and was delegated with the authority to ensure global economic stability.

The Bretton Woods exchange rate system was thus made to ensure a fair and orderly market made for the conduction of trade across borders. This обмена system was known to be as the gold exchange system and the part reserve currency system.

Bretton Woods System:

After world war second, things stated to make a little sense. Where Germany and Japan were slowly emerging back to the grounds. It had seemed that the opportunity has turned into a win-win one. On one side, where the earlier mentioned страны were rebuilding their economies, the U.S. aimed at producing high demands for various products. The well-known list includes examples like Volkswagen, Sony and Philips.

As the U.S. market slowly expanded further, its imports followed the same suit, who increased the overall trade deficit. In such times, the Бреттон-Вудс system came out and asked individuals to go out and buy an asset that is already on the decline.

Dollar Vs Gold:

Thus, this system was finally abolished in the year 1971. The abolishment was carried out after the announcement by the U.S. President Nixon. The declaration was that from this day forwards, the banks would not trade dollars with gold. This meant that the fixed rate system slowly erased itself with flotation in the Europe and Japan валюты. Of course, this didn’t entirely phase out as expected.

$1 Trillion Gorilla:

With the passage of time, the deficit grew in its own way and prevailed over the Bretton Woods II. The things that favored at this time were the U.S. consumer demand along with the rapid industrialization of China and other emerging economies.

The dollar under discussion also became the de facto reserve валюта. As for China, the country became the holder of foreign reserves in excess of $1 trillion. This meant that any minor movement in this market was good enough to create disturbance in the rest of the markets.


According to observations, the economies manage to work in circles that might display one country as developing at one point in time and might make them stable mature markets at the other.

It so happens that the cost earned by the parties after the system is demolished is too much of a burden to bear. According to the trends, this may happen slowly and in a rational manner and sometimes, the landing is made at a much faster pace than expected.

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