Stochastics – A Popular Technical Trading Indicator in Forex

Stochastics – A Popular Technical Trading Indicator in Forex

Developed by George Lane, Stochastics is a trading indicator in Forex used to gauge the association between the closing price and price range of an issue over a defined time. The numerical number 14 is used in the time model, which depending on the objective of technical symbolizes months, weeks or days. In order to examine a complete sector, the chartists can start by seeing at 14 months of the full trading range in industry.

Price Action with Stochastics

The price at which stocks trade throughout a day is defined as price action. As per stochastics, the basics state that the closing price of a stock leans to trade at the high end of the price action of that day.

Renowned personnel in Forex trading – Jack. D. Schwager used the term “Normalized” to define the stochastic oscillators that predetermine boundaries on both the up and the down sides. RSI or relative strength index is an example for the same, which lies in the range of 0-100. For both individual issue as well as an entire sector, using Stochastics alongside RSI can prove very beneficial.

Formula Used For Stochastics

Calculated with %D and %K line, here the D line is closely followed, which denotes major chart signals. The formula used is %D = 100 X (H3/L3), which is just mentioned for interest of readers. The automatic software used for charting these days, help in calculation, turning the whole process much easier and exciting.

Stochastics seems to be the most liked technical indicator to realize the overbought and oversold positions for a stock. The tool’s easy to perceive nature and high accuracy makes it so popular.

Reading The Chart With Stochastics

Between the two lines, K line is fastest while the D line is slowest. The traders need to keep a watch on the D line and the price movement, when the same begins to move in overbought or oversold positions. Trader must sell stocks, when indicator moves above 80, while must buy an issue, if it trades below 20.

The Bottom Line

Stochastics is a favorite technical indicator used by many especially due to its accuracy and easy insistence. Both newbie’s and experienced traders use the same to make good entry and exit decisions on their stock holdings.

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